Spencer Solves It: Helping family affected by violence, economy

HOUSTON – It’s one week before Christmas and Chantal Brown and her husband Regis are leaving their tiny little house.

And when we say tiny, we mean ridiculously small.

You see for months now, this family of five has been living in a garage.

“As of right now, we’re just praying to God to put us on the right path,” Chantal said.

That’s right, after a hellacious year financially, for Regis, Chantal and their 3 small children, this once middle-class family is now living in a one-room garage, with a space heater, a single bed, and a couch.

The family was forced to move here after Regis lost his job and was nearly murdered on the street by a man with a knife.

“I didn't want to die on the street.  At least let me die somewhere where someone can get some help”, Regis said, touching a massive knife wound scar on his neck.

Out of nowhere last year, Regis was viciously attacked and nearly killed as he walked home from the store. The knife-wielding-man stabbed him three times, once in the neck, once in the back of the head and once in the shoulder area.

“He ran up on me and stabbed me behind the head.  I looked down and saw nothing but blood from my neck down, nothing but blood”, Regis said.

Yes, Regis survived the attack, but ever since has been unable to find a job in the construction field where he has worked for years.

With only Chantal’s income to live off of and with three very young children to raise, all of Chantal’s dreams of a beautiful Christmas tree, a big dinner and presents under the tree, have vanished into thin air.

So that’s when Chantal’s mother wrote to Spencer Solves It, asking us to bring this struggling family some holiday hope.

Now, with help from Randy Hartley, an incredibly generous member of Bill’s Brigade who has dipped into his own pocket to help so many families for us, we’re about to give Regis, his wife and children, a Christmas they will never forget.

“Will you please accept this Visa gift card for $1,000 for all your Christmas needs”, Hartley said.

“Oh my God, this is a breath of fresh air.  I’m so grateful, I am so grateful,” Chantal said.