Drivers stunned after being pulled over, handed cash instead of ticket

JACINTO CITY, Texas – Jacinto City police officers turned into Secret Santas today, handing out Christmas cash to traffic violators instead of tickets. 

It was in partnership with a Houston real estate developer who approached the department about doing the surprise giveaway. 

"Today we gave out $1,000 dollars, this was my own personal money and we just wanted to give people a good Christmas and call it 'Christmas of Kindness," said developer Kevin Jahangiri. 

Drivers who were pulled over for speeding or expired tags were stunned to learn they were just getting a warning and then handed an envelope with either $50 or $100 inside. 

"I'm blessed. Thank you Jesus for this," said driver Sndra Nicholas.

Jacinto City Police Chief Joe Ayala said it was a great experience for his officers, who got to spread joy while also keeping people safe and hopes to be able to partner on another Secret Santa giveaway in the future. 



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