NASA says hack may have exposed personal data of employees

(Associated Press)

WASHINGTON – A hack of NASA servers in October may have exposed the personal data of both current and former employees, according to an internal memo obtained by Space Ref.

Bob Gibbs, assistant administrator for the space agency’s human resources division, wrote in the memo that cybersecurity personnel began investigating a possible breach on NASA servers on Oct. 23.

“After initial analysis, NASA determined that information from one of the servers containing Social Security numbers and other PII data of current and former NASA employees may have been compromised,” the memo read.

According to the memo, the breach may have compromised the information of employees who were hired, transferred or left the agency between July 2006 and October 2018.

An investigation to determine the extent of the breach is underway, but no missions are believed to be in jeopardy because of it, according to the memo.

Identity protection services are being provided to those who may be affected, according to the memo.

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