'Inchworm bandits' strike at another Houston restaurant -- now in Heights

HOUSTON – From Midtown to Montrose to River Oaks and now the Heights, thieves are targeting Houston area restaurants, one right after the other. 

The Flying Fish in the 1800 block of North Durham is their latest target. They got in by smashing the front door just before 5 a.m. Saturday. 

A surveillance camera in the business office captured the four thieves on their hands and knees crawling on the floor. One of the thieves even removed his hoodie and bandana so you can see his face. 

Owner Larry Richardson said this bunch looks a lot like the thieves who broke into The Mellow Mushroom pizza place about a block away. 

“They didn't seem to be near as nervous in ours. I'm not really sure why,” Richardson said. 

The restaurant isn’t even open yet so there was no money in the safe, which they ended up stealing. It wasn’t bolted to the floor yet.

“It's kind of frustrating on top of being upset about it. You work pretty hard for what you are able to put in the safe. What it costs us to fix what they break is more than what we lose in the safe,” Richardson said.

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