Recycling not picked up in Heights neighborhood in weeks, residents say

HOUSTON – It's not exactly the season you'd want your recycling bin to be skipped on pickup day, but neighbors in a Heights neighborhood said that's exactly what happened.

Several bins along the street were seen overflowing with crush boxes and more on Friday.

"It's Christmas time, we're getting a lot of catalogs, we're shopping or getting parcels, just tons of stuff going in a recycling bin this time of year," Gretchen Lindquist said.

For some, like Lindquist, it's been nearly a month since her recycling was last picked up.

"I walk the dogs this morning I noticed it wasn't just a block, it was pretty much this whole neighborhood hadn't had the recycling collected. I didn't know it was going on," said Lindquist.

Lindquist said her recycling is typically picked up every two weeks and after taking note of the issue the first go round, she reached out to the city, but so far still no results.

Lindquist explained, "I think people were just hoping, hmm, well they'll come. You know you drag your Bena and drag it back and each time it's heavier and heavier."

Lindquist said the last she heard, crews are expected to pick things up over the weekend, but she's still waiting to see if it actually happens.

"I think everybody in this neighborhood is pretty serious about recycling. We all want to do the right thing we just want to know what's going on," said Lindquist.

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