Mothers targeted by thief while dropping children off at day care

SUGAR LAND, Texas – Three cars parked outside three different Sugar Land day care centers were targeted in one day by the same thief who police said was in a black Dodge Ram 1500 truck.

The day care centers are in the following areas: 800 block of Eldridge Parkway, 1100 block of Burney Road and the 6500 block of Greatwood Parkway.

A surveillance camera from one of the day care centers captured images of the truck in its parking lot. The break-ins all happened Dec. 6.

“All involved women who were dropping off their children at the day care. They were inside for literally just three to five minutes in each instance,” said Doug Adolph, spokesman for the Sugar Land Police Department.

During that time, windows were smashed and valuables were taken. In two of the cases, the purses were left in plain sight. In the third cars, the victim stashed her personal belongings under the seat but left the vehicle door unlocked.

“We believe they were already there, looking for a potential target and a crime of opportunity. In one instance, the victim did tell us they saw a truck, a Dodge Ram that matches the description of the vehicle that we're looking for,” Adolph said.

It was parked next to her vehicle, police said, before she went into the day care. Police urge everyone to maintain situational awareness no matter where you are, even in a place you consider to be very safe.

“Don't leave your belongings in your vehicle. Stow them in the trunk before you get there,” Adolph said.

The suspect is described as a black male, about 5 feet, 10  inches tall with facial hair who was seen getting out of the passenger side of the truck. Anyone with information or who can identify him is asked to call Fort Bend Crime Stoppers 281-342-TIPS or the Sugar Land Police Department at 281-275-2540.

La Petite Academy, one of the day care centers, released a statement to KPRC:

"The safety and wellbeing of our families and children is of the utmost importance to us. We are partnering with the authorities as they investigate this theft, and evaluating potential opportunities to further strengthen security.

"As we’ve discussed with our families, we recognize that thieves often target convenience stores, gas stations, schools and other establishments where people tend to make quick stops – with the expectation that those who are in a hurry won’t take the time for precautionary safety measures. Following safety precautions wherever you may be can help deter theft. As a general rule, in any parking lot, it’s always best to turn your car off, roll your windows up, hide your valuables, lock your car doors and, of course, never leave children inside unattended.”

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