Mother accused of hitting daughter for not taking medicine

The mugshot of Julianne Marie Trevino.
The mugshot of Julianne Marie Trevino. (Houston Police Department)

HOUSTON – A Houston woman is facing charges after authorities said she hit her daughter for not taking her medicine earlier this year.

Police said a warrant has been issued for the arrest of 31-year-old Julianne Mario Trevino. She is charged with injury to a child under 15.

According to court documents, on Sept. 3, Trevino struck her daughter while they were in a bathroom. The girl "had a red abrasion below her right eye, a laceration to the left side of her bottom lip and scratches on the inside of her right arm," according to court documents.

The child told her babysitter the next day about what happened in the bathroom and the babysitter took the child to the nearest police station to report the abuse.

Two of Trevino's sons, ages 8 and 10, both said they were scared of their mother and that she hits them frequently, according to court records.

Trevino's grandmother lives at the home and told authorities Trevino "hits all three of her children with her hands or throws whatever is in her hand at them," court documents said. The grandmother said she is afraid to say anything about the abuse because she doesn't want Trevino to leave and take the children.

Trevino told authorities she hit her daughter "on the butt area once" for refusing to take the medicine, according to court documents.

Trevino said the black eye and cut on her daughter's lip were caused by a fall from a roller chair and the scratch to her right arm was caused by her nails when she accidentally scratched her when the child "took off running towards incoming traffic in a parking lot and she immediately rushed to catch her," court documents said.