Firefighters struggle to put out business fire due to high wind, lack of water

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Firefighters had a hard time putting out a large fire in north Harris County.

According to authorities, the fire started around 9 p.m. Thursday as a garbage fire near W.Helms Road and Airline Drive. When firefighters arrived, they found the fire had spread to a nearby tire shop. 

Firefighters jumped into action, but within minutes the fire hydrants were tapped out and they struggled to find another functioning hydrant in the area.

While dealing with water issues, the winds caused the fire to spread to some of the 100-foot trees surrounding the property.

Officials had to call in all available tankers in the area to help supply water to responding crews in order to keep the fire from continuing to grow. 

In total, 15 tankers had to assist crews with the fire. The fire was able to be put out after firefighters were able to establish sustained water flow. 

Officials said no injuries were reported. Investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. 

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