Who are Max and Martha? Walmart wants to reunite found 1954 love letter to its current owner


DALTON, Ga. – Workers at a Georgia Walmart are trying to track down the owner of a very special love letter from a U.S. soldier, postmarked more than 60 years ago, on July 30, 1954.

The letter, which was found on the floor in the store, contains messages from a man named Max to his "honey," Martha Young. 

In the letter, Max talks about his dreams to come home in 15 days and ask Martha's parents for her hand in marriage, WDEF reported.

The letter reads “I ran out of paper and had to borrow some. Hope you can read this. Take care of yourself honey and stay sweet and remember I love you. Good night sweetheart. Lots of love Maxx.”

It's unknown how the letter ended up in that Walmart, but employees hope sharing this story will help them find the family.