Thieves steal ashes of recently deceased woman in string of home burglaries in NW Houston

HOUSTON – A series of unsolved home burglaries in the Oak Forest neighborhood is confounding some residents in northwest Houston. In one of the crimes, the burglars stole the ashes of a recently deceased woman.

"There's the emotional side of what they took, her jewelry, the ashes, and also someone was in our house," said Kristin Hooper, a resident of Oak Forest.

Hooper's mother died in 2017; she had planned to give some of her mother's jewelry to her daughter who is scheduled to arrive in March.

Police are still tallying how many recent crimes can be attributed to the thieves, who were caught on surveillance video in November in high-definition video.

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The prime target homes seem to be those situated across from T.C. Jester Park on the 4200 block of TC Jester Boulevard.

"They're casing the neighborhood, knocking on doors, seeing if anyone is home, and when they're not home, they're breaking in and getting whatever they can get," said Frank Heenan, a veteran Houston police officer and Investigative first responder.

Anyone with information about the burglaries and particularly the identities of the men captured on video, is asked to call Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713-222-8477.