Lake Conroe to reopen after heavy weekend rains

(San Jacinto River Authority)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – The San Jacinto River Authority and the Montgomery County Constable Precinct 1 offices have announced that Lake Conroe will reopen after closing due to high lake levels after the deluge of rain this past weekend.

According to a news release, the lake will reopen at noon Monday to normal lake traffic and activity.
Boaters are still being asked to use extreme caution due to submerged objects, floating debris and other hazards.

The lake level rose 2 feet over its normal level, according to authorities. Late Sunday morning, the lake level was 203.9 feet. The normal level for Lake Conroe is 201 feet.


Many of the docks and bulkheads were underwater, according to Lt. Tim Cade, of the  Montgomery County Precinct 1 Lake Division.

Cade said the water in Lake Conroe is dark, which makes the rising levels an unsafe environment for watercraft.

Another concern was electrical lines that run out to the docks and the potential danger of electricity mixing with water.

The lake was being patrolled to make sure boats were not out during the closure.
Cade said boat ramps are also blocked off.

The peak release from the dam 8,181 cubic feet per second, with estimated peak flow into the lake at nearly 30,000 cubic feet per second.

Anyone interested in continuing to monitor Lake Conroe levels and streamflow can go to its website at sanjacinto.onerain.com.

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