IT'S HERE: Deadline looms for last-minute holiday shipping

HOUSTON – It’s the busiest time of year for shipping companies like FedEx, and they are encouraging people to ship items now before it’s too late.

According to Francis Singleton, FedEx operations manager at the Houston facility near Holly Hall, thousands of packages travel around the country each day. 

“We receive trucks in from the airport every morning,” said Singleton. “We put them up to our conveyor belt and we offload packages.” 

This holiday season the facility is expecting to handle over 14 million packages per day, worldwide.

“This is going to be one of the busiest peak seasons we’ve ever had," Singleton said.

In preparation for the rush, the site has hired on additional seasonal staff, and now have 260 people working to sort packages every morning.

On top of the extra staff, the company also has a weather team comprised of 15 meteorologists that focus on the best way to get packages around bad weather in case a major winter storm, like the one that swept across the Southeast, should threaten the delivery process.

With the huge number of packages being handled, Singleton is urging people to pay attention to the details to ensure a smooth delivery process.

“Just taking that extra time to just make sure that everything is packed and taped correctly, make sure you verify every aspect of an address, if it’s going to an apartment, make sure that the ZIP code is correct,” said Singleton. "We just suggest everyone do everything that you can to get it shipped out early."

Shipping packages early is key to ensure they are delivered on time, but for those who absolutely have to wait for any reason, Dec. 21 is the final day to ship.

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