Clerk held at gunpoint by 3 men during robbery in northeast Houston

HOUSTON – A clerk in northeast Houston said she was held at gunpoint on her birthday.

Surveillance cameras captured video of three young men entering the Smokers Game Smoke House on Dec. 8. Once inside the store, Lopez said that one of the suspects pulled a handgun.

“He was right in my face,” Lopez said. “My life was in his (hands), because if he would have wanted to he could have shot me.”

Video surveillance showed one of the men jumping the counter and demanding cash while pointing a gun at Lopez.

“The register wouldn't open and I tried once, twice and when I tried the second time, he said, 'I'm gonna shoot you, open it,'” Lopez said.

The three got away with several hundred dollars. Lopez said that she didn't see any distinguishing factors on the suspects because their faces were covered. She said she filed a police report and is hoping someone will come forward. 

“I really hope they get caught. I hope people see this and are careful when they are out on the streets.”

Reflecting on her 24th birthday, Lopez said the greatest gift was walking away with her life.

“Every day counts, and that could have been my last day, for all I know.”

If you have any information regarding the incident, contact Houston police. 

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