Some of the hardest-hit areas by this weekend's rain

HOUSTON – While some areas in the Houston area were just fine after the rainfall, others areas were hit hard. Many drivers had to abandon their cars. Police put up barricades. 

Friday night into the early morning Saturday was, for some, filled with water.

"It was horrible, and it was storming yesterday," said Marisol Medrano who lives in north Houston.

Pouring rain inundated roads all over the Houston area. Many drivers found themselves stuck. Little York and North Shepherd Road was one area with lots of stuck cars as drivers got out of their cars to push them out of the street. 

Over in southwest Houston, water flooded near highway exits.

"Man there were about four to five cars in front of us ... right here on Highway 59 and Bissonett that had stopped, and we had to maneuver a couple times just to even get out," said southwest Houston resident Prince Alexander.

The strip mall around the 11400 block of Southwest Freeway had cars parked in multiple feet of water. Business owners nearby watched carefully. By Saturday morning, the water had receded. However, for drivers like Kendrick Burton, Saturday was about getting repairs.

"Man, the water knocked out my grills (to my car). See the water in there ... now look at it," Burton said.

At Sesquicentennial Park on Friday night, a heartstopping moment occured as rescue crews appeared to be engaging in a water rescue for an SUV that appeared to be nearly submerged in water. Luckily, no one was inside. 

At West Mount Houston, a driver was stuck. The Houston Fire Department's high-water rescue vehicle was able to reach the driver and take him to safety.

At North Freeway and Tidwell, many drivers had to plow through feet of water.

A similar sight at Greenhouse Road and South Mayde Creek. The water was overflowing onto fields and parking areas.

Saturday, just before noon, Houston Police Department officers were seen removing the barricades that had been placed near Memorial Drive and Houston Avenue.

Many cars in the Houston area were towed.

"Last night was ridiculous. There were cars ... almost like (Hurricane) Harvey, floating along," said Fast Tow driver Michael Nichman. 

Nichman said he and his team were making nonstop runs Friday night into Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, Ellie Natenburg, of Spring Branch, said there was not much damage.

"It really wasn't that bad. We just got a little bit of water, but we totally could handle it," Natenburg said.

Still, Nichman said he's seen it all.

"Do not try to drive in this dangerous weather. It is not a good thing to do," Nichman said.