Houston Chronicle mix-up: Rolling Stones coming to Houston, not Paul McCartney

HOUSTON – The Houston Chronicle raised spirits and then dashed them Friday morning when a full-page advertisement featuring Paul McCartney appeared in its Preview section. 

The paper said on its website that the advertisement for McCartney’s "Freshen Up" tour was incorrect for an April 28, 2019 concert date. 

NRG, the Houston Chronicle reported, provided the advertisement.

NRG has tweeted that people should disregard the ad.

KPRC has reached out to the Houston Chronicle and NRG for comment but has not received word back yet.

The Rolling Stones are slated to play NRG Stadium on April 28, 2019 – not the Beatles icon.   

However, the paper appeared to hedge its bets and left room for a possible McCartney concert in the “near future.”

This is the full statement from the Houston Chronicle, as it originally appeared on the paper’s website as of this Friday morning at 10 a.m.

“Today's Preview section in the Houston Chronicle boasted a full-page ad for a Paul McCartney concert on his Freshen Up tour behind new album 'Egypt Station.'

"Typically that would be cause for celebration. Only the date listed is April 28 at NRG Stadium, which is the date the Rolling Stones set last week on their No Filter tour. And the same venue.
The ad was supposed to be for the Stones gig, and the incorrect ad was provided by the venue. So as of right now: The Rolling Stones will play NRG Stadium on April 28, 2019.

"Paul McCartney will NOT play NRG Stadium on April 28, 2019.

"Some McCartney dates are already on the books for 2019, which leaves ample room to add a Houston gig.

"But at this point, there is no McCartney date here. Though clearly somebody has drawn up an ad for one, so perhaps there will be news in the near future.”

NRG representatives had no comment. The promoter released the following statement: 

"There was an error in the ad. We are happy to confirm that the Rolling Stones will be playing NRG Stadium on April 28." 

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