Heartbroken mother hopes sentimental stolen wreath is returned

HOUSTON – It's a crime that happens every year, but it really doesn't seem to make much sense.

"Who steals wreaths? Who steals any Christmas decorations? That's just shocking," Babbette Clingan said.

To Clingan, the recent theft of a wreath off her front porch is as heartbreaking as it is confusing. Her priceless wreath was stolen Tuesday night or Wednesday morning from her home in the 600 block of Landrum Avenue, in League City.

"I went to bed and I woke up, (was) driving out to work, and it was gone," Clingan said.

The reason she is so upset is because the wreath was made by her son, Christopher.


"You know, this was something special that he made with love. It wasn't just any wreath you can go out and buy," Clingan said.

Her son was killed while out of town almost five years ago.

"He was murdered in San Antonio by his friend. And it was pretty tragic. It's been a long haul," Clingan said.

Clingan is hoping someone will recognize the now-missing piece of her heart and help bring it back home.

"When somebody dies that you love like that, it's irreplaceable. And you cherish everything that is left of them. And that's what was left of him for me," Clingan said.

Without the wreath, the family's holiday season is incomplete.

"He can't decorate my tree. He can't be here for us when we open presents. That was him. That's what made him a part of this holiday for us," Clingan said.

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