Woman recalls robbery, carjacking at NE Houston gas station

HOUSTON – So afraid of reprisal -- a young Houston woman does not want her identity revealed.

She is recounting the moments where a masked robber pointed a gun at her chest, demanded her wallet and cellphone, then took off in her car.

Cellphone video, recorded by one of the young woman's friends when they realized what was happening Sunday night, shows the thief approaching her car with gun in hand as she was filling the tires with air. After he took off the victim ran for help, but she didn't get far in the parking lot before she was overwhelmed by a range of emotions.

"I literally fell and I scraped my fingers," she said. "I got a bruise right here on my knee. It was just instant and I fell and I was just so angry that this happened to me."

The robbery happened at the Fuel Depot on the 11900 block of Tidwell at John Ralston Road in northeast Houston around 9:30 Sunday night. For the young victim it was another painful loss for her and her family.

"We just recently recovered from Harvey," she said as she started to cry. "We lost our cars and for somebody else to take our stuff. I work so hard for my stuff. It's so upsetting."

She is hoping the police can find her car and other stolen property and in the meantime has advice for anyone watching.

"Just be careful out there because you never know," she says. "We live in such a world where there's people when you least expect it they're gonna want to do something to you."

Investigators do not have a good description of the robber but say there were several other males in the car he came from. The stolen car is a black 2014 Chevy Sonic. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable's Office.

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