Spencer Solves It: Woman gets car fixed after falling prey to 'dent scam'

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HOUSTON – At 64-years-old, Judy Van Etten of Houston is finally driving the car she dreamed of owning her entire life.  
The car her ex-husband bought for her, the one she always wanted.

Judy did love that car, that is, until this past April when, after being involved in an accident, a ripoff artist, commonly known as a “parking lot dent scammer” suddenly approached her in a Walmart parking lot promising to fix her car like new for $450.

“He said, "I can fix this for you…"  He followed me to my apartment complex.  He put the car in my garage, shut the door and worked in there for about two hours.  When he came out he had several cans of paint and car wax with him and he said the car will look hazy and cloudy for a few hours and then I should buff it all off and it will look great," Judy says.

Judy paid the man, but the next day when she buffed the car off she could see the full extent of the damage.

The front grill was still smashed and broken, the hood was painted with rough primer and wouldn't even close all the way, there were big scratches everywhere and the car looked terrible.

“I felt like I was robbed, absolutely robbed”, Judy says.

After searching the internet, Judy now realizes that these “dent scammers” have victimized people all over the country, but unable to afford full coverage insurance on that car that was given to her, and 
unable to pay thousands of dollars to repair all the damage, that is when Judy contacted Spencer Solve It, asking for help.

And right away, we take Judy’s horrible looking car to the collision repair experts at River Oaks Paint & Body.

Here, the skilled paint and body workers spent the next two weeks fixing Judy’s car, removing all of the damaged parts, replacing them with new, and refinishing and repainting much of the body of the car.

“This car needs a core support, two new headlights, a new grill, new front bumper, it needs a lot”, Robbie Bosone of River Oaks Paint & Body says.

After a lot of hard work, Judy’s car is ready for her to pick it up and the car looks brand-new again.

“They did a fabulous job, just fabulous.  It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful.  I never thought I’d see it look like this again. Thank you. Thank you, dear Jesus. Thank you,” Judy says, with tears in her eyes.

We at Spencer Solves It want to send out our most sincere thanks to Robby Bosone and his crew at River Oaks Paint & Body. They truly did make Judy’s car look like a brand-new car.

If you need help with a problem you can’t possibly solve by yourself, contact Spencer Solves It at 713-223-TIPS (8477) or email us at solvesit@click2houston.com.

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