Man pulled from burning house dies from smoke inhalation, family member says

HOUSTON – A man pulled from his burning southwest Houston home has died from brain damage due to smoke inhalation, his son said.

The man's son told KPRC2 he thinks his dad was unconscious when the fire started. The man was in his 50s.

According to the Houston Fire Department, firefighters arrived at the home near Indigo Street and Braewick Drive around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday and found heavy flames coming from the one-story house.

While they were putting out the fire, HFD said a neighbor alerted them that the man who lived there was trapped inside.

Brandon Bray, another neighbor, told KPRC2 he could see the flames from his bedroom and they were so hot they melted his blinds. Bray said he wanted to help his trapped neighbor, but the smoke was too much.

"When it first started going down, me and my neighbor across the street got a bunch of hammers and axes and stuff, and we started breaking windows open to see if we could see anybody," He said. "I got a flashlight to see if I could see anybody. I couldn't even see like 10 inches in front of my face (there was) so much smoke."

Officials said the flames were coming from the garage when they arrived.

Bray said he saw the fire grow from the area.

"I could smell it from my room, and I went out in the backyard and there was smoke all in the backyard, so I couldn't see where the fire was coming from. I come to the front, and I could actually see it around the garage. I caught it as soon as it started actually going up "

Authorities were able to rescue the trapped man and had to perform CPR on him. He was transported to a hospital, where he later died.

HFD was able to get the fire under control, but not before it partially damaged the house next door. 

The fire also caused extensive damage throughout the house, and according to his son, nothing was salvageable except for a few items of clothing.

HFD Arson is investigating the garage and the rest of the house to see what may have started the fire.

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