'They're going to come back again': Family business owners fed up after several burglaries

HOUSTON – Houston police are searching for three men who broke into the Wireless Warehouse in southwest Houston and stole $27,000 in cash. 

They came in through the back of the Salon next door, the owner said. Then they broke through a wall separating the businesses.

“They’re going to come back again,” owner Syed Naqi said. “Mentally, we’re not ready for this business again.”

Security cameras caught the men in ski masks taking a small safe. They also tried and failed to steal the larger safe. 

In 2013, surveillance cameras at the family store, which also includes a Western Union, captured three men stealing both the large and small safes, which held a quarter million dollars.

The heist nearly bankrupted the Naqi family, who still haven’t recovered.

“I think the same three robbers are responsible for both crimes," Naqi said. “I’m not 100 percent, but I think.”

“I’m thankful that I’m alive,” he added. But “most upset about it, that they’re going to come back again,” he says fearfully.

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