Mother claims Pasadena ISD elementary school administrator bruised her 6-year-old son

PASADENA, Texas – Linda Donez said that her 6-year-old son refuses to go back to J.D. Parks Elementary School because he is scared.

Donez said that on Nov. 1 she was notified by school officials that her son was sent to an administrators office to finish his school work because of poor behavior. She said that evening she discovered bruises on the little boy's body.

“He had them all on his arms and a mark on his chest,” Donez said.

She said that her child claims a school employee squeezed his arms and yelled in his face when he started doodling on his homework.

“He was crying and crying when he was telling me,” she said.

Donez said that she went to the administrative office to try to file charges with the Pasadena ISD Police. She said the department took a report.

“I went there to get more information to see what was the next step because I was not going to just let this slide under the rug,” Donez said. “They said that they were going to follow up and talk to me later on when they did a thorough investigation.”

A district spokesperson issued the following statement:

"The safety of all Pasadena ISD students is the District’s primary concern. Upon learning of Ms. Doñez’s allegations on November 2, 2018, the District responded immediately and the Pasadena ISD Police Department promptly opened an investigation.

"The Pasadena ISD Police Department performed a thorough investigation, including interviews of Ms. Doñez and nine other potential witnesses, as well as a comprehensive review of the campus’ security cameras. The PISD Police Department’s investigation was unable to substantiate Ms. Doñez’s allegations and the case was closed."

Donez said she doesn’t believe there was a thorough investigation because the school and police did not take pictures of her son's injuries.

“I believe that my son is telling the truth,” she said.

Donez said she wants to see the findings of the report because she said her questions have not been answered.

“Where is the person who did it? Who is the person who is going to be held accountable for this?” she asked.

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