'I always owe him a debt': Former Texans Chester Pitts remembers Bob McNair

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HOUSTON – When Bob McNair brought football back to Houston in 2002, offensive lineman Chester Pitts was among his first Texan players.

“I was an original Texan, so that's why I had this jersey, not because I was a kicker. Kickers had single digit numbers, but (it's) because I was the third player drafted in the history of the franchise,” Pitts said.

As the team's rep for years, Pitts had countless encounters with the Texans owner.

Pitts describes McNair as the type of boss that observed from distance.

“He was the kind of boss that he hires you to do the job and he hires to be responsible,” Pitts said.

But before his business Pitts says for McNair family came first. A family man leaving behind a franchise that has come a long way winning four division titles and taking chances on guys like Pitts who will forever be grateful for guys like McNair.

“I always owe him a debt just because he was the man that gave me the opportunity, he was a man that gave me a shot,” Pitts said.