House destroyed by fire in NE Harris County


HOUSTON – Firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a house to go up in flames early Saturday morning in northeast Harris County.

The Harris County Emergency Corps was called to a house fire on Charriton Drive near JFK Boulevard around 5 a.m.

Neighbor Patty Ghani said the house is vacant but that teenagers access the house.

"Teenagers were going in and out of it at all kinds of hours. At any time, they were in and out," Ghani said.

Ghani said she had been telling authorities about the problem, but nothing had been done yet.

"I’m speechless because I did tell them many times. This could have been prevented," Ghani said.

She said someone banged on her door, alerting her to the fire. She lives next door to the house that was destroyed.

No injuries reported from the fire.

The Harris County Fire Marshal is investigating.