Elderly couple missing from San Jacinto County found, granddaughter said

(Amber Hayes)

SAN JACINTO COUNTY, Texas – The granddaughter of an elderly couple who had been missing from the Cleveland area of San Jacinto County, said her grandparents have been found.

A silver alert had been issued for the elderly couple who have been missing since leaving their home in the Cleveland area of San Jacinto County.

The San Jacinto County Sheriff's Office said 83-year-old David McMillan and his wife Nell McMillan, 76, left Wednesday morning on a trip to Weatherford, Texas for the Thanksgiving holiday, but never made it.

Family members had not heard from the two according to the Sheriff's Office.

David has Alzheimer's disease and possible dementia, while Nell is a cancer patient, the Sheriff's Office said.

Details are still being determined about what happened, but the granddaughter Amber Hayes is greatly relieved they are home.

"I don’t understand the details yet, but all we know is they were lost but finally made it back home. I believe angels lead them back home," Hayes said.