Nepalese tenants being targeted by criminals at Gulfton apartments, residents say

HOUSTON – Ritesh Tiwari said he is among hundreds of tenants at the 5401 Chimney Rock Apartments on Chimney Rock Road near the Southwest Freeway in southwest Houston who are growing more afraid to call the complex home.

Tiwari says about 500 units contain families who, like him, are from Nepal and they feel as if they're being targeted in a current wave of crime.

"It's been 10 robberies, burglarized, vandalized," Tiwari said while recounting crimes during the past several months. "A lot of people are being harassed at nighttime."

A few weeks ago, Tiwari said he was almost carjacked by two men as he was trying to leave to buy milk for his 10-month-old daughter.

"There were two individuals running from inside my apartment complex, through the gate," he said. "There's, like, (a) good amount of space in the gate that a person can come in and out."

Channel 2 checked with the Houston Police Department, which said that since Nov. 1, there have been two reported burglaries and one reported robbery.

People who live there shared pictures of gates they say are left open and unsecured at night. They also have images of vehicles damaged by hit-and-run drivers, as well.

Tiwari said the tenants have brought their concerns to management but other than a meeting about a month ago, no safety improvements have been made. They're asking for security cameras that work and stricter, more secure access at entrance and exit gates.

"This is all what I ask, nothing more than that" Tiwari said. "We are the working persons. I have family. Just a little more security."

Channel 2 did reach out to the apartment complex's management but was unable to leave a message. We did hear from Houston Crime Prevention, the company that handles security for the complex. A supervisor said us the property has four gates and his company only provides a gate attendant at the front entrance. To his knowledge, he said one of the other gates is locked, and the two other gates are operated by remote access.

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