Broken gate leads to rash of vehicle burglaries at apartment complex, residents say

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – The Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating a rash of car burglaries at a Spring apartment complex where a gate has been broken for almost a month.

According to deputies, laptops, cellphones, cash and an F-250 Ford truck were stolen from the Belvedere at Springswoods Village apartment complex.

Marissa McLeane is a resident at the complex and said that she discovered the break-in on her way to work Tuesday morning.

“I got in the car and noticed that my passenger side window was completely busted in and there was glass all inside my car,” said McCleane. “All of my things were scattered everywhere.”

Stephanie Hajducek said her husband was shocked when he went to his parking space on the upper level. His white Ford F-250 truck was gone.


“There was just a glass window on the ground in the parking spot and the truck was gone,” she said.

Thomas Gilliland, senior deputy with the Harris County Sheriff's Office, said deputies took eight reports at the apartment complex off of Highway 99.

“Thieves got straight in, they managed to roam around in the parking garage. It's elevated. It's away from everybody. They weren’t being seen, and then they go right back out the way they came in. It’s usually not the residents who live here, it’s the people who follow them in,” said Gilliland.

Residents aren't sure they're the ones who let the trouble in.

“Our gate has been broken for almost a month," said McCleane.

“It looks like somebody may have run into it,” Hajducek said. “For the last few weeks it has been broken. The complex updates us that they were working on getting it fixed.”

The complex management acknowledged that the gate was broken and they are working to make repairs.

Residents said that it is a tough lesson.

“I definitely will not be leaving my stuff in my car,” said McCleane.

“Try not to be a target because this can happen anywhere -- your work, the mall, at a nice apartment complex, anywhere,” Hajducek said.

The Sheriff's Office said it's a good reminder for people to keep valuables out of their vehicles and lock them up.

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