Several students from special program chosen by Travis Scott to attend Astroworld Festival

HOUSTON – Travis Scott’s inaugural Astroworld Festival, which is a music fest featuring 13 different artists, will take place on Saturday, and the doors open at noon.

The local rapper is originally from Missouri City and recently came out with an album called “Astroworld,” which pays homage to the beloved theme park that once sat along the 610 Loop.

Thousands are expected to attend the music festival, and several students from a special program in 3rd Ward will also be there, thanks to Scott.

“It just shows that he really appreciates the arts and wants to share that appreciation with students here in the Houston area,” said Jamie Herrero, executive director at Workshop Houston, a creative youth development organization that works with grade school kids after school.

Mentors use the arts in order to engage students in fun and productive educational activities.

They have four different “shops” that touch on different trades of the arts. For example, they have a Beat Shop, which is dedicated to teaching students about music, how to make beats and record music.

There's the Dance Shop, where students can learn about different styles of dance.

The Style Shop is focused on fashion and learning how to make clothes.

The Discovery Shop is for students who want to focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and academic enrichment.

Herrero said the program is extremely important because, of the 275 kids enrolled in the 3rd Ward program, many would not have an opportunity to partake in those types of programs if it weren’t for Workshop Houston.

He was shocked when Scott’s team asked his program to not only attend the music festival, but be a beneficiary of some of the proceeds.

“It was one of those things where we know we’re doing great work here in the 3rd Ward, but we are a very, we’re not a very well-known organization at this point, so it was exciting to hear from somebody like Travis,” Herrero said.

“It’s pretty overwhelming, because I wasn't thinking, like, I can go, and, oh, opportunity, I’m very excited to go,” said Gabriel Allen, a sophomore in high school.

After school, he goes to Workshop Houston, where he spends his time in the Beat Shop, where he’s already created his own music.

“Now I know how hard it is and the challenges of making a beat, and I can pick out the hats and stuff like that. It's helped me out a lot,” Allen said about the program.

He said he now has a greater appreciation for artists like Scott.

"I feel good. It's a once-in-a-lifetime (chance), I guess, because this will be my second concert,” said Caleb Harris, who is a fan of Scott and excited about attending the festival.

Workshop Houston just finished their capital campaign, which helped them build a new building they moved into about six months ago.

The organization said it’s always looking for donations to help get more equipment and resources to the students.

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