After two giant spools steal mother's time in traffic, her purse was snatched outside day care

HOUSTON – A new headache for a driver who was caught in traffic after two giant spools fell onto the East Freeway. A short time later, she said someone broke into her vehicle and stole her purse.

Jessica Cavazos said she sat in traffic as Interstate-10 moved slowly after two giant empty spools spilled onto the freeway Monday afternoon.

"The second spool was on the other side of the freeway but we still had some traffic on our side of the freeway," Cavazos said.

She was on her way to pick up her children when she saw the accident, but soon she had her own problems -- someone broke into her month-old SUV.

"They broke this back window. It was completely shattered. I had my son in my arms," Cavazos said.

She said she looked at surveillance video and saw a white SUV pull in beside her after she went into the day care. Cavazos assumed someone in the SUV broke into her vehicle and quickly left.

She said the thief damaged her back window to steal her wallet. Cavazos wonders if she was targeted by someone also stuck in traffic, or if it was a random crime.

She hopes someone has information to help track down the thief.

"I want this person off the streets. Obviously, they knew what they were doing. They damaged my front window and busted the complete back window," she said.