Chicken and waffles: KFC serving up syrupy goodness for limited time

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HOUSTON – Kentucky Fried Chicken is now selling the southern dinner staple chicken and waffles.

The fast-food chain announced the limited-time dish Monday on its Facebook page with a video. 

“It’s finger-lickin’ good,” a voice says as a bottle of syrup is poured over the word waffles, which made out of waffles. 

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However, the bigger headline may be the YouTube video featuring The Colonel dancing with a Mrs. Butterworth's bottle to the love theme from “Dirty Dancing.”

Watch it below.



The chicken and waffles dish won’t stick around at restaurants, according to the chain. 

AdAge reported that KFC went through 15 different variations of waffles before deciding on waffles made with a yeast-raised dough instead of batter. The waffles include pearl sugar imported from Belgium.

KFC U.S. head chef Bob Das said via a statement that the waffles are sweeter and doughier than American-style waffles.



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