Galveston to postpone mandatory water restrictions until Wednesday

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GALVESTON, Texas – The city of Galveston has postponed its mandatory water conservation restriction until Wednesday at 12:01 a.m.

The mandatory water restrictions will be placed due to a water leak in a mainline that serves many municipal customers, according to officials.

The line will be shut down as crews from the Gulf Coast Water Authority try to determine a repair plan for the water line. Officials with the water authority said the restriction schedule can change depending on the outcome of the assessment and repair plan.

Officials said residents and businesses should avoid unnecessary water uses, such as watering a lawn and washing a car. Officials advise residents to take steps to control water use, such as only doing laundry when they have a full load to wash or altering the water level.

According to a press release, "There shall not be any flushing of the City’s fire hydrant system and contractors working on City projects shall not provide any service that will conflict with the City’s water conservation mode."

The waterline also serves customers in Tiki Island, Bayou Vista, Hitchcock and Santa Fe, as well as portions of La Marque, Dickinson and League City.

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