Bobcats spotted in Sugar Land neighborhood have residents on edge

SUGAR LAND, Texas – It's probably not what you'd hope to see just hanging around in your neighborhood, but a good-sized bobcat in a tree is believed to be one of a few recently spotted in the Sutton Forest neighborhood in Sugar Land.

Charles Torrey said he saw the unsettling sight of a bobcat in his neighbor's yard a few weeks back and also recently noticed a plume of feathers in his own front yard.

"I don't know that much about bobcats, but doesn't seem like it would be very safe for small pets (and) for little kids playing around. Other than the small wetlands in the area for the house there's really not much of a habitat for them. To the cats, I think eventually they would be better off if they were relocated," Torrey said.

While Torrey would like something to be done about the bobcats, others in the neighborhood seem fine with them.

Bonnie Lugosch, another neighbor explained, "these are protected animals. And we do have to protect ourselves, obviously, but we can't go around harming the bobcats."

"After all, nature and the area wildlife are part of the reason they moved here in the first place," Lugosch said. "I'm just hoping that people are going to educate themselves because these are gorgeous animals."

Residents said animal control has been called out, but they've been told that because they are protected animals, the best they can do is try to trap them.

Neighbors are now warning others about the cats.

"Just be aware, not to do anything about it. Just be aware," Torrey said.

"We are going to have to adapt a little bit more to it. But, I think that there's room enough here for all of us," Lugosch said.

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