Willowridge HS employee accused of sending inappropriate text messages to students

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HOUSTON – “I know this is a big deal for her to even say anything in the first place.”

It isn't easy for this mother to sit down and recount how her 17-year-old daughter said her high school softball coach made her feel at time.

“During conversations, he would put his hand on her leg. She was uncomfortable with that. He would always ask her for hugs. The hugs were intimate-like and she felt uncomfortable about that. When she would pull away, he would kiss her on the cheek,” the mother said.

The mother said her daughter's coach is the same Willowridge High School softball coach who is being investigated by Fort Bend Independent School District police for inappropriate conduct.

"Students reported seeing text messages that were exchanged between students and the staff member ... and that he was immediately removed from campus when the misconduct was reported,” said Terence Hayden, the school’s principal, in a letter to KPRC.

The district, however, will not confirm the person under investigation is a coach.

“I know there's more. But for now there are three involved total,” the mother said.

The mom said her daughter told her that during a recent field trip with a teacher and some of her teammates, the girl saw a screenshot of the alleged inappropriate text messages from the coach that were sent to another female student.

“They were saying, 'Oh, he's so weird.' This is really weird. Why would he tell her to go to the teachers' lounge? Why is he calling her sweetheart? Why is he saying I love you? Of course (another) teacher overheard it and said if you guys don't say anything, I'm going to have to say something,” the mother said.

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