Shooting in California hits close to home for Houston family

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HOUSTON – Jeremy Wenger says Borderline Bar, where a mass shooting took place Wednesday evening, is a place he knew too well.

“It's a bar that everybody goes to. It's a big country bar. I went there for years,” said Wenger.

Wenger lives in the Houston area, but his family lives just a couple of miles away from Borderline, and his younger sister, 21-year-old Nichole Ehlers, is an avid goer. Wenger said on Wednesdays, Borderline hosts college night, and his sister is typically there.

“I got a quick call from somebody saying, 'Hey, there's a guy shooting inside the bar,'” said Wenger.

Shortly after news of the tragic shooting spread, Wenger was scrambling to get ahold of his sister.

Wenger reached out to one of his sister’s girlfriends, who was trapped in the bathroom during the shooting, in an effort to find his sister. Hours later, Wenger was able to get ahold of his sister, who escaped the shooting.

“Once she saw the guy shooting, she and her boyfriend ran out the door and didn't look back,” Wenger said.