7 Nutcracker Market trends you won't want to miss

Golden Girls-inspired candles seen at Nutcracker Market 2018.
Golden Girls-inspired candles seen at Nutcracker Market 2018. (KPRC2/Amanda Cochran)

HOUSTON – Nutcracker Market is a dependable shopping experience, giving every shopper a chance to buy holiday favorites such as Russian nesting dolls and massive wreaths, year after year.

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Products seen at Nutcracker Market on Nov. 8, 2018.

Each year, however, a few different items emerge from the aisles dripping with red and green. 

Here are a few of the trends taking over the glitzy shopping event.

1.    Classic Santa

Last year, it was all about general vintage items, but this year the throwbacks focused primarily on the big man himself. Santa looked his sweet 1940’s Coca-Cola bottle self, or some variation thereof, throughout the market. This charming, wholesome Santa is a welcome return after years of skinny Santa figurines and ultramodern decor.

2.    Naughty language novelties

Products seen at Nutcracker Market on Nov. 8, 2018.

From tea towels to T-shirts, the Nutcracker Market is all about spreading some sassiness. Though we can’t show the merchandise, let us just tell you the Nutcracker Market’s vendors have their racy side, with jokes about holiday shopping, drinking and gifts.

3.    Unicorns

The Nutcracker Market has embraced the mythical creature in a big way. Just check out the unicorn Christmas trees that scream out to the ’80s Lisa Frank child within. 

4.    Glitter

There is glitter, and then there’s Nutcracker Market glitter. This isn’t the kind of glitter that you can brush off your clothes. This is the kind and volume of glitter that you’ll be picking out of your hair for the next six months and your car’s next owner will find under the driver's seat years in the future. Glitter is life at Nutcracker Market. The sparkle of the season is on nearly every possible surface, from pine cones to glass ornament pickles.

5.    Alternate holiday colors

Nutcracker Market has plenty of red and green for everyone, but an emerging palette isn’t grounded in the classics. White and blue and even that unicorn rainbow of hues are making a big splash in this year’s market. If you want to revamp your holiday decor and try something new with your decorations, there’s plenty to see at the market. 

6. Paying homage to pop culture


There are prayer candles featuring all of the "Golden Girls." Whataburger, Amazon Prime and Starbucks are now mainstays in Nutcracker Market merchandise. And those Astros are still a winner when it comes to decorating your home.


7. Local flair

If you love where you live, you’ll find some of the best decor at Nutcracker Market to celebrate Houston and Texas. Some of the Nutcracker Market vendors are located in the Austin area, but they know their Houston audience well: Look for the Houston neighborhoods map, the sweet coasters showing Houston iconic signs and massive ice cream signs celebrating Blue Bell. If you love where you are, you’ll love this year’s Nutcracker Market location-driven merch.

Have a great time at this year's event! What trends did you see at this year's Nutcracker Market?



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