Worker rescued, pulled from collapsed trench to safety

HOUSTON – Houston firefighters pulled a worker from a 12-foot trench where he was trapped for nearly three hours in dirt up to his waist. 

The incident happened just before 2 p.m. outside an apartment complex at Cook Road and Corona Lane. An emergency call came in that dirt collapsed on a worker.

Houston Fire Department Assistant Chief Michael Mire says the worker, in his mid 30's, was in the trench when dirt became loose and collapsed on the man. It was up to mid-chest when emergency workers arrived, Mire said.

Crews were manually digging the worker out to be careful the dirt didn't collapse from within again.

Mire said the worker was calm and was taken care of by EMT professionals.

They were concerned about the pressure of the dirt and the impact it could have on the person's legs.

Crews also moved the dirt pile next to the trench, to avoid another problem. 

The work space for this rescue was limited between an apartment building and the dirt pile. A vacuum truck was being used to get the dirt pile out of the way.

"The quicker we get him out, the better chance for his survival," Mire said.