RACES 2 WATCH: District 7, District 22, Harris County Judge

An undated photo of Harris County Judge Ed Emmett.
An undated photo of Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. (KPRC2)

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – In the race for Congressional District 7, Rice University political science professor Mark Jones expects it will be a late night for Republican incumbent John Culberson and his Democratic challenger Lizzie Fletcher.

“That one is essentially a coin flip right now. Either could win,” Jones said.

Another Congressional race in which you shouldn’t count out the Democrat even though a Republican is favored is the race in Congressional District 22.

Democrat Sri Kulkarni is facing off against Republican incumbent Pete Olson.

“Sri Kulkarni holds views that are pretty far to the left, even for a Texas Democrat so I think, in the end, in spite of his efforts, Olson will win. But I think it's a wake-up call for Pete Olson and Texas Republicans. As they look toward the future and try to keep CD 22 red, they are going to need to work a lot harder,” Jones said.

With the higher-than-normal millennial and Latino voter turnout, Jones believes we’re looking at a blue wave sweeping across Harris County that could potentially take out most, if not all, Republicans in the county races, including Judge Ed Emmett.

“If they do that, they are not going to be voting for Ed Emmett, which means they are going to be voting for his Democratic rival, Lina Hidalgo, which means that Lina Hidalgo could essentially get swept into office despite having no real credentials to be county judge,” Jones said.

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