People head out to polls for Election Day 2018

HOUSTON – Hundreds of thousands of people in Harris County and surrounding counties are hitting the polls for Election Day 2018.

Will Womble was even dressed as Uncle Sam to vote.

“When you got an 11-year-old girl that looks up to you as much as I look up to this country, you do it for her, just like the people we're voting do it for us,” said Womble.

At Trini Mendenhall Community Center in Spring Branch, a line didn't mean a wait.

“The line was shortish and fast, " said Cassidy Odom. "How long were you in there?" KPRC2 reporter Cathy Hernandez asked. "(About) 10 to 15 minutes,” said Odom. 

The only issue has been people showing up to vote at the wrong polling location. However, workers have helped guide voters to the correct one.

“I wish I could go to any location to vote," said Brenden Lackey, "but apparently we have to go to a location per your address."

Hiram Bice also had to go elsewhere to vote. But despite the small inconvenience, he knew how important it was to cast his ballot.

“If you love your country, or if you don’t love your country, and you want to make a change, this is where you’ll do it," said Bice. "Not out in the street up and down looking funny. This where you can do exactly what you want to do. You can change your country."

For any questions regarding the election, Houston-area can also reach out to the KPRC2 phone bank at 713-788-8920 for English and 713-778-8930 for Spanish.

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