Family's quest to return ash pendant that was found at Houston airport

HOUSTON – Lost, and hopefully soon, found.

Melanie Rivera is keeping her fingers crossed someone will recognize two necklaces to get them back to their rightful owner.

Melanie Rivera, who is looking for the owner of the missing necklaces, said, "I believe it would be really important."

Especially because one of the necklaces, she said, appears to contain the ashes of someone or something.

Inside a small cylinder with a diamond on top are the words "only love."

"I Googled it ... and yeah, it seems like human remains or any type of remains, actually," Rivera said of the necklace.

Rivera said her dad found the two pieces almost a year ago in a small bag outside a restroom near Gate B at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

He held onto them ever since, but didn't have social media to spread the word and share it.

"He wanted to look you know for the people, but he didn't know how. So finally he told me and I have social media so I was reaching out to people," Rivera said.

While Rivera admits plenty of time has passed, she's still believes something with so much sentimental value will be recognized by someone -- and eventually returned to them.

"They could be anywhere. I'm hoping that word gets around," Rivera said.

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