VIDEO: Woman seeks internet justice for grabby kid who took communal Halloween candy


KATY, Texas – The temptation to break the rules on Halloween night was apparently just too much for one boy in Katy who was caught on camera emptying a communal candy bucket, and now, the homeowner is seeking internet justice.

Rika Eisenhauer left the candy out on her Katy home’s stoop with polite instructions on her door: “Please just take one candy. Thank you.”

The video shows the boy approaching the candy bucket, looking behind him, and then dumping the candy into a white bag and making his getaway. He wasn’t dressed up as anything discernible – except, perhaps, a porch pirate.

Eisenhauer posted the video on her Facebook page. She wrote in one post that she’s trying to make the boy internet famous to teach him a lesson.

“Little turd stole all my candy,” she wrote on Facebook. “Sorry for my language. I just so hate thieves!!!! It’s not cool, (ruined) my day.”

Eisenhauer posted a photo of the overturned pumpkin candy bucket and the sign with instructions to only take one littering the floor.

Have you ever used a communal candy bucket for trick-or-treaters? Has this ever happened to you? Did you ever take the entire bucket of candy when you were a kid? Let us know in the comments.

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