Spencer Solves It: Veterans in need get their van replaced

HOUSTON – It’s a scorching-hot Houston day, and Elizabeth Moore and her husband, Ardell, are struggling to walk their special-needs son to the bus stop close to a mile away.

“It’s difficult for me to walk long distances, so I many times walk with a  walker or a cane.  It’s tough for me to stand for extended periods of time.  I struggle through it, but I break out in a sweat sometimes, just from the pain,” Moore said.

Both Moore and her husband are United States Army veterans who bravely served this country.

Moore worked in the highly specialized 66th Military Intelligence Unit, and Ardell Moore worked multiple deployments all over the world.

Now, both are disabled and caring for their 36-year-old son, Ardell III, who was born with Down syndrome.

For two long years, the Moores' only car has sat broken down, un-driveable and dangerous, but the Moores have been unable to pay for any of the numerous repairs the vehicle needs, because they 
survive on disability payments alone.

The Moores couldn't afford to fix their vehicle, so they wrote to Spencer Solves It.

First, we towed that 2005 Buick minivan to the car repair wizards at Christian Brothers Automotive in the Energy Corridor, but even the mechanics at Christian Brothers Automotive said this van is beyond fixing. There were just too many problems with the vehicle: electrical, mechanical and the rusted-out body.

Instead, they came up with another solution.

Instead of fixing the Moores' old vehicle, the entire family of Christian Brothers Automotive franchise owners got together and decided to pitch in and buy the Moores a brand-new 2018 Chrysler Pacifica minivan worth $26,000.

When we presented the brand-new ride to the Moores, they were ecstatic.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God, I am overwhelmed… you have truly blessed us more than you can ever imagine”, Elizabeth Moore said, barely able to talk.

“This is awesome. This is a wonderful gift… a gift we never could have expected,” Ardell Moore said.

Scooter Owens, owner of Christian Brothers Automotive Energy Corridor took the lead in putting this giveaway together, and he is thrilled.

“I just decided to get out of the way and let God do what he does and he just made this 10 times bigger than anything I could have ever done alone,” Owens said.

It didn't end there, either.

The CBA franchise owners lined up and began giving the Moores gift cards totaling more than $3,000, and they bought the family auto insurance for their new ride as well.

What does Elizabeth Moore have to say after all of this?

“Oh, how you have blessed us… we had no idea you were planning something like this, we just wanted a way to stop walking everywhere.  Thank you,” she said.

We at Spencer Solves It want to send our deepest thanks to the entire Christian Brothers Automotive family for this incredible display of love and generosity.

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