$150,000 worth of equipment stolen from popular Tejano band in Houston

HOUSTON – A popular Tejano band that travels all around the country finds itself the target of criminals in Houston.

The musicians with Jaime y Los Chamacos have spent more than 20 years on the road performing. 

“We travel pretty much every weekend all over the state of Texas," said the band's drummer, Ruben Mendoza.

On Saturday, the band performed at a Halloween-themed event in Houston. On Sunday, the band members stopped for lunch at Luby’s restaurant in east Houston, but when they came back outside they realized their van and trailer had disappeared.

“We had an estimated $150,000 worth of equipment in there," Mendoza said. "Guitars, a drum set and four accordions, plus a lot of other things.”

The instruments are all very distinct, with ornate engraving and pictures of the band. Mendoza said the loss is more than the sentimental factor. Its their livelihood.

“These are our tools and this is how we provide for our families. I’m just so sad that this happened.”

The band filed a police report but police have not identified a suspect. Mendoza said they are praying that someone will come forward if they recognize the gear and return the instruments so the music will continue.

“We don’t have instruments to play so we are hoping they will pop up.”

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