Woman claims raccoons are to blame for vehicle damage

HOUSTON – Tanya Reid calls it a parking lot problem of the wildlife variety.

"This is my parking spot that I'm paying for and I shouldn't have to deal with this," Reid said.

Reid said for the past few days her car has fallen victim to what she believes are raccoons at the Ivy at Clear Creek apartment complex.

She said that the issue started in September and it's only gotten worse.

Her Subaru has basically become what appears to be costly and potentially dangerous chew toy.

"I don't know if they've been gnawing on the wires. I don't know what damage has been done to my car you know. It's upsetting," Reid said.

Reid also said one of her neighbors warned her about the problem after having their car damaged.

"That's why I started checking. So if they didn't tell me, my car would have been totally damaged and I wouldn't have known about it," Reid said.

According to Reid, she's contacted complex management multiple times about the matter, but has only been told they're not responsible for the damage and they would be looking into any possible raccoon problem.

"Whatever is damaging a person's car and they need to address it," Reid said.

That provided little comfort for Reid, who depends on her car to get to and from work daily. She is now unsure about its safety.

"I just want my car fixed. Want of my car fixed and for them to notify people, do something about it," she said.

We reached out to apartment management for a statement about the story, but they said they have no comment.

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