Choco the dog found, reunited with owner wounded in Heights shooting


HOUSTON – Choco the dog has been found safe and was reunited with her family Saturday.

Last week, Piotr Lewandrowski took his usual nightly walk with Choco, the family's rescue pit bull when a silver or tan four-door sedan pulled over and started firing gunshots at him and his dog.

After running away with gunshots to his leg and torso, Lewandrowski realized Choco was nowhere to be found. Lewandrowski was released from the hospital and continues to recover from his injuries.

After many community searches to find the dog, the Facebook group created for her search and location, Finding CHOCO, announced Saturday that the beloved dog has been found.

Choco was located on North Shephard Drive and West 15th Street. A woman followed the dog jumped into the woman's car -- wet from the rain and scared. 


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