230 cats removed from 'overwhelmed owner,' Houston SPCA says

SPRING, Texas – Hundreds of cats were removed from a home in Spring with the help of the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the organization announced Wednesday.

The cats were in desperate need of veterinary care and had various medical conditions, including upper respiratory infections, the SPCA said. 

Investigators said that the owner was overwhelmed. The cats will receive care from staff at the Houston SPCA.

They removed about 230 cats that reportedly were in bad physical condition, living in unsanitary conditions, and not being fed properly, but the sanctuary's owner, Dave Spencer, said none of that is true.

"For them to say that we don't feed our cats. Are you kidding me," Spencer said. "We spend $500 a week on the cats. They go through 11 bags of food every three days."

PHOTOS: 230 cats removed from Spring home

According to the SPCA and the county, the cats were in "desperate need of veterinary care" and are "suffering from various medical conditions" including "upper respiratory infections."

Spencer said some of the cats did suffer from allergies and the sniffles because of the recent cool, damp weather.

But he says when the SPCA ordered him to take 24 of the felines to the vet last Thursday -- with a Tuesday deadline -- he did so.

He said Wednesday they confiscated those 24 cats and all the others.