Trash pile becomes nuisance for residents in SW Houston

HOUSTON – It's not a landfill, but a huge pile of trash and debris, which has been building up in a southwest Houston neighborhood for nearly a month.

The people who live nearby are asking the city to get the debris moved out, but they said their calls are falling on deaf ears.

"It makes me sick in the stomach, really, if you want to know," resident Maurisa Tolbert said. "I've never seen anything like this."

Unfortunately for Tolbert and her neighbors, they've seen this particular pile of trash and debris for the past 25 days. It started as a small pile that was meant to be picked up by the city in a normal large debris gathering last month, but it was never taken away and the pile has continued to grow.

"There's beer bottles under there, grocery baskets, clothes," Tolbert said while walking around the pile.

And that's not all. Tires, TV sets and old fences are also littered about the bags of trash, nails and furniture. What makes it worse for the people who live nearby is they said much of the debris has been dumped by outsiders.

"All this didn't come from residents," Rosalind Washington said. "It's people that come by and dump their stuff when they normally keep it and take it to the dump or wherever they take it to. But they bring it here instead."

The residents said they've contacted the city on numerous occasions, but nothing has been done. They said it's time for the city to take action so their neighborhood stops getting dumped on.

"I want all of the services that the city is supposed to be giving us," Tolbert said. "Why do we have to have the brunt of everything?"

Washington feels the same frustration.

"I hope it's gone soon," she said. "I hope (Houston Mayor) Sylvester Turner puts his people to work and they come out here and they remove all this stuff. This is an eyesore."

The eyesore may be removed in the very near future.

Channel 2 called the city and heard back late Monday. A spokesperson said the city will be sending a team from the Department of Neighborhoods that will coordinate with other city departments to inspect the site Tuesday morning and determine a plan of action.

UPDATE: Eyesore cleaned up for residents in SW Houston after KPRC 2 story

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