Dozens of vehicles broken into at Galleria-area luxury apartment complex

HOUSTON – Residents at the Tate at Tanglewood Luxury Apartments are driving through their parking garage a little more cautiously these days. They're a little more on edge.

That's because sometime overnight Monday, someone came into their garage and broke into nearly two dozen trucks and SUVs.

"I came out here about 5:30 in the morning and noticed ... all the glass in my back seat," Stuart Clark said.

Clark's Ford F-150 was broken into. The would-be thieves smashed one of his back windows, which he has since had repaired.

"They smashed this window back out here," Clark said as he surveyed his vehicle. "All the glass was inside, and they dug through my center console, taking everything out, and then my glove compartment as well."

Evidence of the smash-and-grab break-ins was still evident Tuesday night. Some owners had plastic and foam covering taped over their broken windows, and bits of glass still littered the garage floor.

The burglars didn't get away with many valuables, because many people had their property stored away in their homes. Many who live in the complex just don't feel as protected as they did before.

"It makes me feel a little unsafe, but you know, it happens all over Houston," Clark said. "I just never thought I'd see it happen to this many cars in (a) short amount of time."

The parking garage has seven floors, and vehicles from the first six were broken into. Residents said management has told them they will take several security measures in response to the break-ins, including more active security patrols.

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