One-on-one with Sen. Ted Cruz with Election Day nearing

HOUSTON – An energetic U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz invaded the now-Democratic stomping grounds of Harris County on Friday telling supporters, “We will stand together as one.”

Cruz rallied the troops a few weeks before Election Day.

“This is a battle,” he said.

Cruz hosted a late Friday afternoon rally at the Firehouse Saloon in southwest Houston. A honky-tonk bar where supporters had bottles and signs in hand.

Cruz telling Channel 2, “I think we have momentum in the campaign.”

Prior to his rally, Cruz sat down with Channel 2 for an exclusive interview. In the last 24 hours the energetic rise of his opponent U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke appears to be stalling. A New York Times poll released on Friday has Cruz up by 8. A Quinnipiac poll on Thursday had him up by 9.

When asked if he believes them? Cruz responded, “I don’t know if the polls are right or wrong. I feel very encouraged where they are.”

Cruz took time highlighting the booming economy under President Donald Trump as a key factor for voters, “The stakes of this election I think are illustrated by the economy.”

Cruz did admit the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings have been instrumental for Republicans, “I think the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing had a powerful effect.”

Channel 2 came across one female supporter showing up for the first time to a Cruz event as a result of the hearings. The supporter’s reason for showing up?

“I listened to both hearings with Christine and Judge Kavenaugh and it really did spark an interest to understand.”

Cruz and O’Rourke will continue to stump across the state leading up to Tuesday’s second debate in San Antonio.