Fan makes good on promise, buys 2 rounds of beer for section after Astros homers

HOUSTON – Game 1 excitement was on full display at Minute Maid Park Friday afternoon, as fans packed the Juice Box for one heck of game.

That included one home run hero, not on the field, but in the stands.

"It was a gesture, and people loved it. People were calling me 'The People's Champ' and (saying that) I'm the best guy ever. And I was like, 'Dude, I'm just a regular guy,'" Eddie Flores Jr. said.

Following a homer from Alex Bregman in the fourth inning and heading into the fifth, Flores had an announcement for fellow fans in his section.

"I stood up and turned around, I was in section 104, Row 28, and I said, 'You know what, the first home run, I'm buying beer for everybody,'" Flores said.

Within a minute of saying that, George Springer left the yard. Springer's homer was followed up by a Jose Altuve bomb.

Flores made good on his offer and bought two rounds for his section, totaling more than $500.

"I was a man of my word and my buddy was here. And the beer guys were here. I ran through four tubs, four tub guys of beer, and said keep bringing it," he said.

By the end game, Flores said the steep beer tab was totally worth it -- because the Astros won.

As for Saturday's game, he plans to be back again and buying a few more rounds all the while banking on the same outcome.

"If it brings another win, I'll spend another $500 in beer again. I have no problem doing that," Flores said.

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