Series of break-ins: Thieves target areas where you'll be away from your car

HOUSTON – While some were running, riding or working out along Allen Parkway, thieves broke into their cars. The evidence was on display on the ground.  

"That's not good. Not good at all,” said Erik Davidsen, a park visitor. He told KPRC2, "I've never been broken into. I've parked here 10 or 15 times, all during the day at lunchtime with no problems."

In one parking lot along Allen Parkway, near Gillette Street, six piles of broken glass were visible. There were even more piles of broken vehicle glass in parking lots along Allen Parkway close to downtown.  They are simple reminders of expensive, invasive and destructive crimes.  

Houston police told KPRC2 that five people reported car break-ins during July.  Two were reported in August and four in September.  

Those were the victims who actually reported the crimes to police. Police said thieves target areas where they know the owners will be away from their cars.  

Police said it is best to not to leave anything visible inside your car.