Lockout lifted at Crosby schools after investigation into threatening email

CROSBY, Texas – Schools in Crosby were placed in lockout mode Thursday after a threatening email was received, officials said.

According to a post on the page for the Crosby Independent School District, the email indicated a potential threat outside the complex that houses Crosby’s elementary, middle and high schools. 

The lockout was lifted around 2:30 p.m.

Crosby ISD officials released the following statements:

"Crosby ISD received a non-specific threat via email at the Central Office indicating potential danger around Cougar Stadium or the outskirts of Crosby High School. Crosby High School, Crosby Middle School and Crosby Elementary School are currently on Lockout. Students will not be allowed to exit the building and no one will be allowed to enter the building. Law enforcement officers have been dispatched to the area to sweep the grounds before lifting the lockout to ensure that there is no credible danger to students. We will notify you as soon as we receive clearance and lift the Lockout."

"UPDATE: We have several law enforcement agencies onsite and they are currently sweeping CHS, CMS, and CES first to clear those areas before proceeding to the stadium areas. A thorough sweep of the grounds will take some time, so please do not be alarmed by the delay. If it is not completed before dismissal time, we WILL NOT dismiss students. The lockout will remain in effect until receiving clearance from law enforcement. Parents, you will not be allowed in the buildings to pick up your kids as long as the lockout is in effect. We are taking every precaution to ensure our students and staff are safe and we will update you as soon as we receive more information."

"We have just received official word that the grounds sweep by law enforcement officers has been completed and the Lockout is now being lifted.  We will begin regular afternoon dismissal procedures and after school activities will resume.  We are so thankful for the quick response of area first responders including the Canine Unit from Harris County Sheriff's Dept. Pct. 1, Constables Pct. 3, Harris County ESD 5, Baytown Police Dept., Crosby Fire Dept., and the Crosby Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary.  Great team work today.  Thank you for your patience this afternoon."


Parents, we received an email indicating the potential of a threat outside of the CHS, CMS, and CES complex. At this...

Posted by Crosby ISD on Thursday, October 4, 2018



When the alerts came out to parents vie email and phone, many couldn't help but worry.

"It's kind of nerve wracking," said parent Jose Aguila who has three children at the district.

Aguila was one of dozens of parents who tried to take their children out of school after the alert.
"We can't get any further, because of the cops, they won't allow us to come through, so this is as far as we can go," said Norrisa Reed who has two daughters at the district. 
Reed waited more than an hour to pick them up.

Crosby Superintendent Dr. Scott Davis said the efforts to protect the children were commendable.

"In a course of about 30 minutes heaven and earth moved quickly in our area to protect our kids," Davis said.

Constable Precinct 3, HCSO even authorities from Baytown assisted with the securing of the school. Four search dogs combed the schools, looking for potential threats. Officials said the threat was not specific, but specific enough to cause concern.

"It did not say bomb. It did not say explosive. It did not say gun so when I say non-specific, it really was--'something's going to happen' Right? That's a non-specific threat," Davis said.

"All the entrances all the  exits are locked down. Parents are in the parking lots," Aguila said. "I believe that they should take every threat seriously to this extent."

After the all-clear everything was business as usual and students were able to leave. Precinct 3 deputy constables say while the scene is clear they are still investigating who sent it and say they will take action. 

"it's just not right. You're messing with everyone's life right now, all the parents out here who are taking off work," Vincent said.

The district said that whomever did this will face consequences.

"That is the most selfish act. The most unnecessary choice that I think anyone can make without actually doing some kind of harm," Davis said.

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